10 Rittenhouse Condo Photo Shoot

At the end of the year my best client called to discuss a project at 10 Rittenhouse.  He was at a dinner party, hosted by his client, and was impressed by the end result and how the condo was furnished.  He asked her if he could get it photographed, and she said, “I’ve been waiting for someone to ask that.” 

Since it was December and holiday decorations were up, I told my client it would be best to wait until January.  So we did a quick scout and scheduled the photography for the second week of the New Year. 

While scouting, I snapped off quite a few pictures and my client and I decided on these vantages. 

For lighting, we felt direct sunlight would work best, however the project faced northwest and only got direct sunlight at sunset in January.  So we agreed the bedroom would be best for that and decided to add as much contrast as possible to the other images. 

Now it was time to show up and shoot.  To see how we photographed this project, please take a look at the video below.