The Narwhal

            We had another productive day in the studio creating an image of the Narwhal, an imperial stout by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.  For those of you who don’t know, a Narwhal is an allusive northern whale, and quite the appropriate name for such an epic seasonal beer. 

            To keep with its namesake, our intent was to mimic a Narwhal breaching in the artic sea.  Producing this guise may sound challenging at first, but with a little creativity, quite possible. 

            Our set comprised of a grey sweep background and a white plexi surface with a piece of grey sweep underneath.  This helped make the background and the surface blend.  To give the bottle a heroic feel, we used a wide lens at a low angle, but not completely under the bottle.  This allowed us to maintain the reflection in the plexi, simulating what you would see while whale watching. 

            We used ten strobes altogether.  Five where used for overall set and background lighting, and five more were focused just on the bottle gelled slightly warmer than the rest.  This allowed us in post to easily give the bottle a bit of warmth while maintaining a cold winter feel. 

            Last, to give the final touches, we used dry ice on set to imitate icebergs, which did not melt and create a puddle, and also in water to create fog. 

            Here is a time lapse video of our test captures showing the overall production.