Bright & Sunny, Even With Northern Windows

In February I took on a new client, Platt Dana Architects, and photographed an Upper West Side condo for them.  The shoot went very well, so much so that they decided to hire me again for a project last week.  This time we were at a renovated brownstone in Cobble Hill. 

On this project, many of the interiors we photographed faced north, which presented a bit of a problem.  The principals prefer a natural sunny feel to their images, and, here, it does not naturally happen.  So, to make up for this, we broke out the Profoto magnum reflector, and one really tall light stand. 

One of the spaces we photographed was a second floor family room with a charming built in desk and pleasant view into the parlor.  To achieve our sunlight feel, we went out back and aimed the magnum reflector into the window.  This produced a bright daylight look, which the principals really enjoyed.    

(Now of course the shadows were not quite parallel, but this is New York.  Sunlight bounces off of buildings and into windows all the time, and that never produces parallel shadows either.) 

To add a little more punch, we placed a large gridded soft box in the parlor left and another at the base of the stairs on the first floor.  For some pure fill, we also bounced a light off of the ceiling above the camera and another at the top of the stairs on the third floor. 

Here are some test shots to scroll through showing how each light effected the image.