Back Label? Leave It, Sometimes!

            Typically, whenever we do a bottle shot, the back label is removed.  This is because in order to make the bottle glow we need to reflect light through it from behind with either silver foil or bounced light off of the background.  If the back label was left in place, it would shade that reflection and make the trick look obvious, not to mention it would be distracting.  Sometimes though, it is best to leave it in place.  Such was the case with this Bulleit Bourbon image. 

            Unlike most liquor bottles, the Bulleit Bourbon label only has one label that wraps around the bottle.  To remove the back label would mean we would need to cut the label in half at exactly the point where the label turns to the back, which would be dependent on the angle of view.  If we cut just a little before or behind this point, the cut would be seen, so we would need to be very precise.  Being this precise is always an issue, not to mention it cements our view and keeps it from changing. 

            Another issue is that those who know Bulleit Bourbon know the label wraps around the bottle.  Altering the label would not look right to the aficionado and could be distracting in itself. 

            So we decided to leave it in place, and, with this bottle, it works very well.  First, the back label is not overly large, so it only blocks a minimal amount of light from coming through.  It is not really that distracting.  Second, because of how the bottle is light, the front of the label is bright where the back of the label is dark, and vice versa.  This creates a nice contrast, adding dimension, and helped accent the dye cut of the label.