Up Close & Extra Hoppy

            Beer snob?, well … um, I like to think of myself as a beer aesthete, or maybe gastronome.  I enjoy tasting different beers, especially local ones, and photographing them is also fun.  So last Friday I was perusing the isles at my local market, looking for something to enjoy, and I noticed that Troegs Brewing redesigned the packaging and label for their Perpetual IPA, a favorite of mine. 

            Actually the box really caught my eye, and when I looked at the label, I decided this could be a fun personal project.  So I bought a six-pack, walked home, and started conjuring up ideas. 

            To start, I decided on creating a bright lively image that gave the impression of a couple of friends enjoying a cold IPA.  The bottle was to be to center of the attention, and, to give a little depth, two pint glasses were placed in front of and behind the bottle so neither was in focus.  Now the box and label were very similar, so there was no need to have both in focus, but I still needed to show the box to complete my vision.  So the box was placed in the back, but close enough to be legible. 

            Now, it was just a matter of getting the lighting right, adding some condensation, and, for the final touches, a spent cap and an almost finished beer. 

            Next, since the label was so eye-catching, I decided it was time to get close, really close, like 6 inches from the bottle close.  This really highlighted the label, but did crop out the brewery’s name.  Luckily though, the spent cap was able to provide a creative solution for that. 

            Once again, I added condensation to the bottle, reflected some light onto the cap, and placed an almost finished beer in the background.  However it was still missing something, until I noticed the spay bottle I keep for my window plants and decided to mist the slate surface.