City Bathroom Photo Shoot

For the second time in the past year, I got to work with Emily, a talented designer who is great to work with.  Her company completed a master bathroom and guest bathroom in a city row house and she wanted to have them photographed. 

Since I was going to be near the project soon after she contacted me, I offered to go take a look.  Three days later, I got to see the project and captured some quick shots with my iPhone. 

We discussed the project the next day and talked about what angles we would shoot.  Mostly we would concentrate on the cabinetry, which is what her company mainly does.

Lighting wise, we wanted to break up the space a bit and make it bright and inviting.  Usually, sunlight streaming in does this quite well, but, since these were small rooms, the sunlight would become over powering and difficult to balance.

Instead we planned to shoot after the sun had past and on making our own sunlight by booming a light out of an above story window.  This gave us greater control over how bright our “sunlight” would be, and permitted for a longer exposure, allowing the ambient room light to have a greater affect in the images. 

To see how we photographed the master bathroom, watch the video below.