Stockton Seaview Photo Shoot

Time came to plan this amazing shoot, and with Atlantic City being so close, what better way to start then to drive down to meet the resort team.  Mike, the Director of Marketing, the GM and I discussed the resort over lunch and scouted it afterwards.  It was great to talk face to face about what they intended to get from the photography and have them show me Stockton Seaview first hand. 

During the walk through, we discussed how each location could look, through around ideas and took several scouting shots.  Two hours later, we ended our discussion and planned to talk next week via phone. 

This gave me time to think of ideas and allowed Mike to research examples of what he liked (click here).  Going back and forth through email and during our phone conference, Mike and I finalized what each image was going to look like and started to plan out the shoot. 

While reviewing sun maps of the resort, I choose a time a day for each image and wrote an itinerary for the two shoot days.  I sent this along and prepared for another phone conference, this time inviting additional resort staff members. 

Since the staging required a lot of help from the resort, we had Tricia, Conventions/Events Manager, and Amanda, Director of Food Service, join in.  They helped coordinate the shoot, source any props, and gave their input and art direction on some of the images, which was great. 

Now it was time to set a couple of dates and hope for good weather.  Initially we planned for two consecutive days, with a third as a weather backup, but ultimately broke the shoot up over a couple of months due to an increase in business on my client's part.  

Now of course planning is only part of the battle; lighting & staging the images is the other.  To the right,  watch a video that explains our planning and shows the lighting/staging of two project images. 

You can also read about the behind the scenes of the break patio shot on our blog.